Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Say A Prayer For MAUI by Edie Sutton

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> Today I got your note,
> I felt a lump form in my throat,
> You spoke of the love you shared,
> And I understood how much you cared.
> I too have loved as one,
> No one who has can shun
> The truth of the bond in kind
> When In life you share one mind
> With her soul you have a tie
> A connection that will never die
> When she is ready you will know
> The pain in her eyes will let it show
> From a body ill and worn
> Though she knows you'll be forlorn,
> Out of your arms up on wings
> Into the heavens with all good things
> To wait upon you there
> Forgetting not, the times you share
> Until you join at heavens gate
> She will wait,
> You could never be too late
> When that time does come
> In your heart she will live on.
> This is my prayer for a little dog named Maui.